Posted by: worldsgreatesttravelblog | January 5, 2010


This amazing restaurant is situated on the main street in Ipanema at 128 Rua Visconde de Piraja. This is how it works. You take a plate and head for the overflowing buffet, make your selection and then head for the cashier who will weigh your food. You will be charged according to weight.  You can go and take more whenever you want, simply hand in your old receipt and they will give you a new one.

The selection is simply mind boggling, from meat, to fish, to salads and traditional Brazilian food of rice and beans. Everything is super fresh and beautifully presented. As soon as something starts running short it is replaced. We were told about it by a local and after that we were completely hooked and went no where else for almost the whole of our stay in Rio.

 Do not, and I repeat do not forego the desert section. I am only sorry not to have a picture of it. The chocolate cake is to die for…

Oh and you can afford to smile here because the cost for a good meal is only going to set you back about $10-$15


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